Lowe's Variety & Meat Market

meat platterLowe's Catering Ideas

Appetizers, Salads, Breads, Meat Platters, Roll Ups, Pastries
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12" tray feeds about 12+ people
16" tray feeds about 20+ people
18" tray feeds about 30+ people

Cheese and Cracker Platter assorted cheeses, pepperoni, and assorted crackers.
  12", 16" or 18"
Shrimp Platter shrimp of your choice and size with cocktail sauce and lemon.
(large shrimp - 36 per lb)
Veggie Platter assorted fresh vegetables(chosen by quality and availability)with dip.
   12" 16"  18"
Fruit Platter assorted fresh fruit in bite-sized pieces(chosen by quality and availability)with our own special dip.
   12", 16" or 18"
Swedish or Italian Meatballs


Potato, Antipasto, Italian Tortellini, Twist Pasta, Garden Pasta, Macaroni and Cole Slaw - All sold by the pound.
Tossed Green Salad - Small, Medium, or Large
Fruit Salad

cheese platterBreads:

Fresh bulkies, finger rolls(choice of 6 different fillings - tuna salad, seafood salad, egg salad, chicken salad, ham salad and cranberry-walnut chicken salad), small bulkies and dinner rolls w/butter

Meat Platters:

A variety of quality meats and cheeses. Included in our basic choices are roast beef, imported ham, turkey breast, salami, genoa salami, bologna, and Provolone, Swiss, American Cheeses.
 Boar's Head Meat

Roll Ups:

Our Roll Ups and other bread choices can also be made with our fine quality meats, cheeses, and salads.

Pastry Trays from Culpepper's Bakery in Worcester
   12" tray feeds about 12 people   16" tray feeds about 18-20 people